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Wool Pipers

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  • Soft and cozy
  • Made with premium ZQ Merino wool
  • Cushioned midsole gives wear-all-day support


All day comfort. Everyday style. This classic low top made with premium ZQ Merino wool is the sneaker your outfits have been waiting for.

Best For: Walking, cooler weather, everyday wear

Super Soft Material: Warm and cozy premium ZQ Merino wool provides next-level comfort

Versatile Design: Wear-with-everything classic style, great for travel

Where It’s Made: South Korea.

Care Guide:

1. Remove the laces and insoles.

2. Place shoes in a delicates bag (pro tip: a pillowcase works too).

3. Choose a gentle cycle with cold water & mild detergent.

4. Shake out any excess water & set aside to air dry.

5. Shoes will regain their original shape with one or two wears.